Top 11 – Best movie cameos

11. Cate Blanchett – Bio-hazard worker (Hot Fuzz)


I have seen this movie twice, and honest to God had no idea that was the incredible thespian Cate Blanchett behind that mask. I only realized it when doing research for this post and I apologize but I couldn’t find a clip from the movie.

10. Seth Rogen – Interviewer (Step Brothers)

I don’t know if its necessarily Seth Rogan’s performance here, the scene in general or my unweavering love of fart scenes that makes this one so memorable but non the less, it’s a solid cameo in a Will Ferrell movie that didn’t suck as much as I thought it would have.

9. Scott William Winters – Apple Sauce (Jay and Silent Bob strike back)

It’s funny that Matt Damon and Ben Aflec don’t take themselves too seriously and can make fun of themselves. It’s even funnier that Scott William Winters; who by all rights is only recognizable as an actor from the original scene in Good Will Hunting, can come onboard a second time and make fun of himself.

8. Danny Glover – Bank robber (Maverick)

A nice homage and tip of the hat to Mel Gibson and Danny Glover who both co-starred as Police partners in the Leathel Weapon movies. As Glover exits the bank he utters his classic catch phrase from the LW movies “I’m getting to old for this shit”.

7. Billy Zane and David Bowie – Themsevles (Zoolander)

Classic scene, great lines, and two great cameos from out of nowhere by Bowie and Zane.

6. Bob Barker – Himself (Happy Gilmore)

Bob Barker comes out of nowhere in 1996 to completely rejuvinate his image. Known only as the aging slender white haired beauty of daytime tv’s Price is Right, Barker is claimed to have only accepted the role when he found out that he would be the one to win the fight. That year Sandler and Barker won the MTV movie video award for best Fight, making Barker the oldest recipient of an MTV award at the age of 73.

5. Neil Patrick Harris – Himself (Harold and Kumar 1&2)

Clip from the second movie

Legendary cameos by NPH.

4. Bob Saget – rehab junkie (Half Baked)

There’s no video on Youtube bc of NBC and their gay gay gay lawyers. But I found a copy after the jump. HERE

This is a great cameo by Saget and if you’re wondering why its so high on the list. Just try and bring yourself back to 1998. All Saget had done and was known for was the friendly lovable dad on Full House and the goody goody unfunny host of America’s Funniest Home Video. No one really knew about the now obvious dirty mind of Bob Saget the comedian. This scene was shocking back in the day. Everyone was like, “did that guy from Full House just say he sucked cock?”.

3. Christopher Walkin – P.O.W Captain Koons (Pulp Fiction)

Absolutely, positively one of Chistopher Walkins best scenes of his career.

2. Martin Sheen – soldier on the boat (Hot Shots Part Deux)

A lot of people might not get the brilliance of this cameo appearance and the joke behind it.

Basically Martin Sheen, who is Charlie Sheen’s father (Duhh) was in the classic movie, Apocalypse Now – a film about the Vietnam war. His son Charlie was also in a clasic war movie about Vietnam – Platoon. They both are narrorators in their respected movies and the lines that they narrorate from this scene are the actual lines from both movies. The joke at the end is that as they pass by one another, they both say “I loved you in Wallstreet”,  a previous film they both starred in and played father / son roles onscreen.

1. Tom Cruise – Les Grossmen (Tropic Thunder)

This was the mother of all cameos. Everyone knew there was a blockbuster being mad for 2008 and that the crazy couch-jumping, Scientology brainwashing, Matt Lauer hating actor formally known as Tom Cruise would be doing a special cameo for Topic Thunder. But what part would he play? When Cruise was revealed onscreen for the first time as the F-bomb dropping, power monger, energy-drink slurping sychophant Less Grossman, I was blown away. In recent years Cruise has had shit bomb after shit bomb for on screen disasters and with his crazy Scientology shenannigans I had all but lost faith in the once great action star. This cameo – despite the fact that he remains a crazy son of a bitch – completely redeemed Tom Cruise in my books. That is until I probably watch Valkyrie, which is sure to be just as craptastic as all his other duds.

Other great cameos

Kristin Wiig – TV executive – Knocked up
Dave Chappelle – Nutty Professor
Charelton Heston – Wayne’s World
Chuck Norris – Dodge Ball
Matt Damon –  Euro trip
Arnold Schwartzenegger – The Rundown
Jack Black – Anchorman
Samuel Jackson – Kill Bill


3 responses to “Top 11 – Best movie cameos

  • moviejacuzzi

    Agree with the whole list- Tom Cruise/Les Grossman was unbelieveably hysterical, totally deserving to be on the top of any cameo list, but I am still worried about Valkyrie’s quality none the less. Nice to see you mentioned Chuck Norris in Dodgeball as well.


    I only mentioned it out of fear of a random round-house to my skull.

  • Larry A. Singleton

    Whoevers responsible for censoring and prohibiting people from watching these, like Warner Bros. likes to do, are a bunch of greedy low life scum. THESE are the people who shuld be dragged behind pickup trucks

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