Top 11 – Celebrity passwords

It seems like there has been a flurry of hacked celebritard Twitter accounts in recent months – from Britney claiming to worship the devil to Fox News’ account outing Bill O’Riley for his love of the male meat sausage (which I don’t think was really a hack job, just an inside whistle blower). So this got me to thinking – what would some other possible celebrity passwords be?

#11. – Kanye West

Password: bestpasswordofalltime

#10. – R.Kelly

Password: pissonyou

#9. – Rick Astley

Password: nevergonnagiveyouup

#8. – Allen Iverson

Password: putaringonit

#7. – Dave Chappelle

Password: WTFisjuice?

#6. – Chuck Norris

Password: n/a

#5. – Paris Hilton

Password: 123456

#4. – Jerry Seinfeld

Password: what’sthedealwithpasswords

#3. – Rick James

Password: fuckyocouch

#2. – Stevie Wonder

Password:  ..:..:::.:….:.::…:….:::::..:..:..

#1. – Tyra Banks

Password: Forehead…(“ERROR! PASSWORD TOO BIG!”)

Other great passwords:

Al Gore: Ishouldhavewon
Gary Coleman: almost4’10
Ciara: WishIwasBeyonce
Rachel Uchitel: easiest1milever
Taylor Swift: thankyoukanye$$$$
Kelly Clarkson: nomnomnom
Tiger Woods: FML
Wayne Brady: amIgonnahavetoslapabitch?
Lady Gaga: tuckback

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