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Top eleven – songs I’m diggin right now

So I’m thinking that maybe I’ll try and do one of these posts every couple weeks or at least once a month.

These songs and artists aren’t necessarily new. Just stuff that I think deserves attention and what I’ve been listening to a lot at present. You may hear something new you like, or remember something you haven’t heard in a while.

11. Jace Everett – Bad Things (The theme song for True Blood)

With the successful first season just wrapping up last weekend, I got hooked on the show and hooked on the theme song. If you’ve ever seen the show then you know this song just just perfect for the opening.

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Top eleven – funny book titles

11. How to read a book by Mortimer J. Adler


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Top eleven – best movie tattoos

11. The McManus Brothers – Boondock Saints
Normally if you saw anyone on the street with tattoos like this, you’d probably say “nice latin tattoo douche bag.” But there is something about those tattoos being on the hands of two drunk Irish bastards holding 9MM that makes me want to say “reverendus -a -um” – that’s lating for AWESOME.

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Top eleven – penalties committed by College Freshmen

College can be a great time. It can also be a confusing and difficult time for ill prepared freshmen. We’ve asked NFL officials to help aid us in alerting future freshmen of penalties and mistakes they should stear clear of.


11. Being surround by a variable cloud of stench caused by irregular shower frequency and refusing to attend to the growing pile of laundry in your room.

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Top eleven – Hottest women on television

11. Giada De Laurentiis



Age: 38

Measurements: 36-25-33

Where you’ve seen her: Host of the Food Networks “Everyday Italian”

Why she’s hot: With a bubbly personality and absolutely fantastic cleavage, we can only assume she’s a master of handling the meat in the kitchen and in the sheets.

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Top eleven – most overlooked villains and antagonists

When it comes to the top villains and antagonists in movies, everyone always goes for the cliched popular bad guys: Vadar, Voldemort, Terminator Keyser Soze etc. But what about those unsuspecting and overlooked ones? Some of the most terrible, ruthless and deadly bad asses on the silver screen have been overlooked time and time again. Here’s a list of some REAL villains who don’t get the proper street cred they deserve.



What kind of deranged twisted psycho puts shears and scissors on a persons hands? My guess is the man who did this had some kind of terrible falling out after being fired from First Choice Hair Cutters. One can only imagine the horrors poor Edward has to go through after eating Taco Bell and feeling that all to familiar rumble in his nether regions.

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Top eleven – Best comedians performing today-


Frank is the master of impersonations. He is most known for his perfect John Madden impression. Frank has been doing stand up for a long time and has been on Mad TV for the last couple of seasons. He also appears on Fox NFL every weekend and loves to impersonate Jim Roam.

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