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Top eleven – Most annoying things about facebook

11. The “blast from the past” friend request

There is nothing more annoying than people you went to oh, I don’t know, kindergarden with, requesting to be added and then expecting you to catch them up on how the last 15 years of your life have been. There are only two instances in which I find this remotely amusing and will accept.
1) If the person was an ugly duckling and miraculously transformed into a perfect ten model, in which case, yes I will accept you and yes I will creep your photo album so I can masterbate to the pics of you in the wet t-shirt contest down in Cancun.
2) I can’t remember what 2 was, after wet t-shirt contest I’m pretty much gone.

10. Dude…TMI

It’s nice to be able to see updates or statuses of what someone is doing or where they went. But I don’t need to know that my uncles dog has a tape worm and he had to pull it out of the dogs ass with a pair of tweezer. That shit is not cool.

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