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Top 11 – Best Nike Commercials

All the child sweatshops in poverty-stricken nations mumbo jumbo aside, you have to admit that Nike makes some pretty bad ass commercials. For over twenty years Nike has looked upon Portland agency Weiden+Kennedy  as their primary. During that time they have continually created some of the most memorable and inspiring commercials on television.


This commercial has everything you need for a classic. A catchy tune that is sure to get stuck in the viewers minds. 2 – A hot little Russian blond tennis phenom. And Johnny Mac.

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Top eleven – Most unsportsman-like plays

11. Rodman kicks a photographer

10. Redskin causes Blue Balls

9. That trailer trash girl who hit that other pretty girl, and then yadda yadda someone cried a lot

8. What did the Five Fingers say to your neck? B-I-T-C-H  S-L-A-P


6. Bet those helmets with tinted visors don’t look so gay now, huh?

5. White men can’t jump. Or run into a fight

4. Dale Hunter, doing one of the many dumb Dale Hunter things in his career

3. No worries, I didn’t want to walk or move my limbs again anyways. Your good 🙂

2. Enter the Dragon was probably not a good call for movies to be played before the game

1. Don’t MOVE! I swear there was a fly on your helmet.

Bonus: Cocains a hell of a drug!