Sites I waste time on

What Would Tyler Durdan Do?
In addition to being addicted to porn and over the counter cough medicine, I have a soft spot for celebrity gossip. wwtdd is a great site for it, unfortunately he doesn’t post as often as the overrated queen Perez, but the writing is hilarious and his hate for Jennifer Aniston keeps me coming back each week.


College Humor
A great time waster site filled with tons of user content as well as articles, clips, reviews, and just shenanigans from the writing staff at CH. If your ever nostalgic for the days of keg parties and drunk slutty cheerleaders this site is right up your ally.

Passive Aggressive Notes
Painfully polite and hilarious

No Promise of Safety
Amazing photography. Great stories and crazy ass mother fuckers who will climb anything for a rush.


Great blog my buddy Max threw together on cool new music and artist that all y’all should be paying attention to.

Really cool site that has a ton of content and publishes sometimes 15-20+ articles a day on the latest gadgets and trends on modern tech.

The Wooster Collective


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