These Go to Eleven was created for those of us who find Top Ten lists not satisfying enough. At TGT11, we always take it “one louder”. A haven for morning time wasters and procrasterbators – we offer random Top Ten lists, with a little something extra to keep the mind grapes entertained. After all, Top Tens are so Letterman circa 1990.



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  • Thomas

    Your list is completely flawed and typical of the MMS craze of today. IF the lust was for the top 11 “cage fighting arts,” I would agree that Muai Thai and Brazilian jujitsu would have to top the list; However, on the street-where you may face multiple attackers-there’s no way bjj is more practical at SELF-DEFENSE than Arts like Krav Maga.

    You must be the poster boy for UFC and the MMA industry typically touting bjj as the greatest thing since sliced bread when its done nothing but prove its effectiveness in a controlled environment such as the octagon, and us no way as effective in self-defense as most of the other arts in the list.

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