Top 11 – memorable holiday moments on TV

It’s the holiday season and in the season of things I decided to construct a list of the top 11 funniest and memorable holiday moments from television.

11. The appearance of Santas Little Helper – The Simpsons

A pivital moment for the Simpson family and an important character that would lead to many many hilarious episodes.

10. Deb drops the Turkey – Everybody Loves Raymond

Ray points: “Dropped the turkey.”

9. Yankee Swap – The Office Xmas special SEo2

8. The best Chrismukka ever – The O.C. SE01 E13

With twice the power of any holiday Seth Cohan creates one of the most memorable super holidays in television history.

7. The Greatest Action Story ever told – Mad TV

6. The one with the Holiday Armadillo – Friends SE07 E10

Just brillian. It’s not in the clip but the best part of this scene is when Joey comes through the door in a Superman costume. “THE MACCABEES!”

5. Schweddy Balls – SNL

One of the most memorable SNL skits and Baldwins top 5 for sure.

4. Mr. Hanky the Holiday Poo – South Park


3.Clark Griswold’s boss rant – National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Technically it’s not a television show but I figure it’s shown on TV every holiday so that counts.
“Hallalujah, HOLY SHIT. Where’s the Tylenol?”

2.Dick in a box – SNL Digital Short

1. Festivus – Seinfeld

Without a doubt the absolute best moment in holiday television history is Frank Costanzas creation of Festivus.
The Feats of Strength, the airing of grievances and the Festivus Pole makes Festivus a holiday that I almost want to participate in every year.


2 responses to “Top 11 – memorable holiday moments on TV

  • Ur_A_Douche

    NUMBER 6!!! The Holiday Armadillo is only number 6!!! This is quite upsetting… I thought you were better than that!

  • dan

    That was a really awesome post man! really loved going through it.. bookmarked your site and will keep checking it often. thanksa lot

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