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Top 11 – Most Anticipated Movies of 2010

Last year’s ‘Most Anticipated movies of 2009‘ post was a huge success here at TGTE, it brought in nearly 30,000 of the 182,200 hits on this little pet project we call a blog. The fact that TGTE has that many hits is remarkable, considering – due to work related issues – I haven’t really been able to write on here in almost 7 months, yet we continuously get a steady stream of traffic; probably because I string together wicked-awesome prose and shit.

Anyways, I’m of the opinion, much like Hollywood, that if it worked once why not remake it until people get sick of it. Which reminds me, I’ve seen a couple other ‘most anticipated’ movie posts, some by fellow bloggers, other by reputable sites, and for the most part they were fucking vomit inducing.

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Top eleven – Shows you’re not watching, but should.

11. Scrubs

Alright. When this show came out I thought it was some ER, Grey’s Anatomy, serious Hospital drama knock- off. Summa-ma-bitch! was I ever wrong. Scrubs is possibly one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen. I know what your thinking, your a guy, you have big manly balls, how could you ever watch something with Zach Braff? His mooshy sub-par silver screen flops aside, the dude is brilliant on this show. As are all the characters and writing. Even if you don’t like him, Dr. Percival “Perry” Cox (John C. McGinley) and Ken Jenkins who plays Dr. Bob Kelso Chief of Medicine , have some of the funniest and witty back and forth dialog on televison. In addition, as is with anything involving Zach Braff, the music and soundtracks are always stellar and include up and coming, unknown indie bands.

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