Top 11 – best SNL Digital shorts

This was without a doubt the biggest pain in the ass post I’ve ever done. F*cking NBC and their damn lawyers have taken almost everything off youtube and Hulu has the absolutely uber gayest region restrictions.
So I did my best in providing video, you’ll have to jump for a couple of them.

11. Andy popping into frame

10. Roy Rules!


9. Dear sister

8. Lazer Cats 2

7. People getting punched

Best part is the Jovi Punch with Full recovery. Love it.

6. Iran so far

WATCH HERE (look for video player on the right side after the jump)

5. Business Meeting


The Sandwhich makes this skit.

4. Lazy Sunday


3. Andy’s Dad


2. Jizz in my pants

In my opinion I think this skit could be as funny if not funnier than the #1 skit, but since the #1 has had enormous success and popularity I threw it in a #2

1. Dick in a box


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