Top eleven – songs I’m diggin right now

So I’m thinking that maybe I’ll try and do one of these posts every couple weeks or at least once a month.

These songs and artists aren’t necessarily new. Just stuff that I think deserves attention and what I’ve been listening to a lot at present. You may hear something new you like, or remember something you haven’t heard in a while.

11. Jace Everett – Bad Things (The theme song for True Blood)

With the successful first season just wrapping up last weekend, I got hooked on the show and hooked on the theme song. If you’ve ever seen the show then you know this song just just perfect for the opening.

10. Lady Gaga – Poker face

This chick is a total Christina Aguilera wanna be but for some reason people in the media think that Christina is copying Lady Gaga’s style, even though Christina has been around for more than a decade before this chick. Anyways, all that aside, this song is addictive as hell.

9. Kings of Leon – Sex on Fire

These guys have been around for like 5 years now but this year they seem to have blown up and have a huge following. Really diggin’ this song.

8. City and Colour featuring Gord Downie – Sleeping sickness

Downie has been fairly low key as of late with the Hip not really doing too much so this is a pleasent surprise and an awesome colaboration between Green and him.


7. Andrea Bocelli – Sogno (Dream)

For those who aren’t big classical fans – and I imagine the majority of the people visiting this dick and fart joke blog, probably aren’t. Andrea Bocelli is one of the greatest classical voices ever. God decided to take away his eye sight but bless him with one of the most amazing siging voices.

6. Leona Lewis – Run cover

Leona does a great cover of the Snow Patrol classic.

5. Rilo Kiley – Close Call

Started listening to Rilo Kiley – pronounced (Ry-loh Ky-lee) – about a year ago and haven’t looked back. They’re an awesome indie rock band and I highly recommend checking out their other songs, i.e. Portions of Foxes and More adventurous

4. Tom Morello/The Nightwatchman – The lights are on in Spidertown

I’ve always been a big Rage fan but never really got into Tom Morello’s solo venture The Nightwatchmen. Had the opportunity to see him last week at the Opera house here in Toronto and man did he rock the shit out of that place. The Nightwatchmen is mainly an acoustic-folk singer style, but he brought a full band to play with and it was reminiscent of early Rage.

3. Tegan and Sara – Livingroom


Tegan and Sara always have good tunes but this one is addictive as hell and I can’t stop playing it on my iPod.

2. Metric – Help, I’m alive


Only recently did I discover this Canadian indie rock group. But much like Rilo Kiley I have been very impressed. This is a great song and hats off to my boy Max over at Forevertwelve for introducing me to them.

1. Busta Rhymes – Don’t touch me (Throw da water on em)

Gotta love Busta and love this Busta jam I do. Don’t touch me has an awesome, almost tribal jazz like drum beat to it and Busta spits out the lycs like on he can. I first herd this when I watched the awesome AC DC crew dance video which I have below. Unreal dance crew. Be sure to check it out.


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