Top eleven – penalties committed by College Freshmen

College can be a great time. It can also be a confusing and difficult time for ill prepared freshmen. We’ve asked NFL officials to help aid us in alerting future freshmen of penalties and mistakes they should stear clear of.


11. Being surround by a variable cloud of stench caused by irregular shower frequency and refusing to attend to the growing pile of laundry in your room.


10. Repeatedly showing up to parties empty handed and mooching beer off others.


9. Forgetting that your white and trying to impress girls at the club with your dance moves.


8. Wearing a popped collar. It’s not cool, don’t do it!


7. Constantly lying to girls about the size of your penis


6. Still thinking that “raise the roof” is a great dance move


5. Asking annoying questions that delay the end of lecture class


4. Farting in your roomates face while he’s passed out. Actually, I retract that statement. DO THAT!


3. Holding hands with girls or showing any signs of PDA infront of other men


2. Jacking off in your dorm room while your roomate is trying to sleep


1. Expecting anything less than a BJ from a drunk high school girl attending a college kegger


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