Top eleven – best movie tattoos

11. The McManus Brothers – Boondock Saints
Normally if you saw anyone on the street with tattoos like this, you’d probably say “nice latin tattoo douche bag.” But there is something about those tattoos being on the hands of two drunk Irish bastards holding 9MM that makes me want to say “reverendus -a -um” – that’s lating for AWESOME.

10. Fox – Wanted


Most of these are already Angelina’s own tattoos but they added a couple sweet designs – the one that matches the gun is particularily cool – and let’s face facts, a naked Angelina will make a tattoo of Mr. Rogers molesting a 6 year old the coolest thing you’ve ever seen.

9. Xander Cage – XXX


XXX is an underrated movie and Vin get’s no credit for the pretty descent sleeve he sports as Xander Cage.

8. Hando – Romper Stomper


Crow gets a pretty sweet Wolverine-like tatt for his character Hando in the classic flick Romper Stomper

7. John Constantine – Constantine / Starbuck and Anders – Battlestar Galactica



Number 7 is a tie, seeing as how they are both kinda similar being interconnecting two-part tattoos. Constantines wards off evil demons. Maybe Starbuck’s and Anders’ are some futuristic, intergalactic ink that wards of herpes? And yes I know that Anders and Starbuck are TV characters, which means I should include the tattoo from Prison Break… but screw it, it’s 3 am and I’m tired.

6. Mickey O’Neil – Snatch


MMmmmmmm….Brad Bit + no shirt = big erect… I MEAN, Yeah sweet tatter man, right on, musta hurt. So who wants to talk about motor oil, chest hair and other manly things?

5. Denton Van Zan – Reign of Fire


Matt needs to get back to playing more bad ass characters like this. No more retarded romantic comedies.

4. Tattoo (Chris Ackerman) – Electra

Imagine if all tattoos came alive? Then all those meat sauces with barb wire tattoos would have theirs come alive and hopefully strangel themselves to death.

3. Francis Dolarhyde – Red Dragon


“CLICK – This is my vacation to Florida…DO YOU SEE!.
CLICK – This is me at my parents 50th Anniversary…DO YOU SEE!
CLICK – This is me throwing up after the 12 bars of x-mas…DO YOU SEE!!!”

2. Carl – The Illustrated Man


I’ve never seen this movie and I have no idea who this overweight man is – who resembles a drunk Hasselhoff eyeying up a Wendy’s baconater? But he does have some sick ink.

1. Darth Maul – Star Wars: The Phantom Menace


Darth Maul is a classic case of life giving you lemmons and making lemonaide our of it. He used to be just a normal guy attending college in a galaxy far far away. One night he got plastered at a kegger, passed out and had some frat boys go to town on him with a sharpie. Proof that “shaming” happens even on an intergalactic level. He didn’t let it get him down though. The emperor found him and said, “I could use someone as goofy looking as you. How do you feel about black hooded robes?”

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17 responses to “Top eleven – best movie tattoos

  • Tatguy

    What about George Clooney in From Dusk til Dawn?

  • janelle

    You forgot jim carey in number 23

  • Alex

    Guy Pierce’s tattoos in Memento should defs be on this list!

  • Aron

    Darth Maul shouldn’t even be in this list. His isnt even a tattoo, its its own skin color. Of cause, I am talking about the charactor’s skin not Ray Park. Non of these tattoos are real, we know this. But if the perpose of the face/body paint is not a tattoo, but to illustrate the color of a charactors skin (Alien charactors etc) it should not be classed as a tattoo and therefore should not be in this list. Of cause if we are allowed to include and face or body paint regardless of whether its a tattoo or not, simply because we like the look of it, then why not Predator?



    (From the database and comics)

    “From the Expanded Universe
    No one is quite sure how Darth Sidious came across his young and deadly apprentice… So complete was his devotion that he even endured the agony of having intricate Sith tattoos applied to his entire body.”


    I know it hurts bud, but don’t let it detract you from leaving uninformed and poorly spelled comments on other blogs you may visit.

  • Bhayne

    God I hope they make The Lost Symbol into a movie! That guy would look incredible.

  • e

    the boondock saint tats mean truth and justice which goes along with the over all theme of the 2 movies and probably should be number one for that reason

  • A.J.

    Uh, how about Val Kilmer in The Salton Sea?!?!

  • Tex Germany

    #2? “I have no idea who this overweight man is…” It’s Rod Steiger you fucking nerk. Played opposite Brando in “On The Waterfront?” Kicked ass in “Illustrated Man…” (despite being “overweight”) played the lead in “The Pawnbroker.” ALWAYS delivered. Why? Cause he’s an artist, and art is timeless. Whether Eschylus or Mac Dre…Timeless. And having Pitt (who actually is starting to become an artist) and Vin fucking Diesel on the same page as Steiger…Well, blasphemy may be too strong, but lame? Yeah, lame. Thanks for the tats tho.

  • patrick

    the unknown guy is movie actor Rod Steiger – as IMDB and the film title would reveal I believe.

  • Zenith

    Like your list but I also really enjoy the back tattoo Jim Carrey sports in Number 23, great body and very cool piece wrapping up from his spine over his left shoulder. – I’ve thought of getting something similar… it just makes you want to lick the swirls.
    Too graphic? hahaha

  • Steve Daut

    Illustrated Man pic is Rod Steiger. The movie is based on a GREAT book by Ray Bradbury, where the tats draw you in and show their stories.

  • Marcia

    The movie “Easter Promisses” has some awesome tattoos, russian prision style.

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