Top eleven – Hottest women on television

11. Giada De Laurentiis



Age: 38

Measurements: 36-25-33

Where you’ve seen her: Host of the Food Networks “Everyday Italian”

Why she’s hot: With a bubbly personality and absolutely fantastic cleavage, we can only assume she’s a master of handling the meat in the kitchen and in the sheets.

10. Tina Fey


Age: 38

Measurements: 34-22-33

Where you’ve seen her: Produces and stars in the hit NBC comedy 30 Rock as well as previously being the first female head writer on SNL

Why she’s hot: Funny AND sexy. Tina is the kind of women who if you accidentally let a little fart squeak out right when you had an orgasm during sex, she wouldn’t hold it against you and tell everyone at work the next day humiliating you and causing you to quit your job. Not that that’s ever happened or anything. Just a hypothetical.

9. Lena Headey




Age: 35

Measurements: 34-24-33

Where you’ve see her: She played Leonidas’ wife in 300 and most recently stars in Terminator: The Sarah Conner chronicles.

Why she’s hot: Great eye’s, smile, legs and a not too shabby rack.

8. Evangeline Lilly

70191_liliy020_122_161loEvangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan at the Beach70418_liliy017_122_1082lo

Age: 29

Measurement: 32-23-35

Where you’ve seen her: Plays Kate on Lost

Why she’s hot: Nice athletic body and she’s Canadian to boot.

7. Christina Hendricks


Christina Hendrickschp6101208_005_280chp6101208_005_280_thumb_1200x0

Age: 30

Measurements: 36-32-36

Where you’ve seen her: She plays the sexy office manager Joan on the AMC original series Mad Men.

Why she’s hot: SEE MEASUREMENTS! Mother of God this women has become the queen of cleavage since busting out in her role on the hit series Mad Men. I’m a sucker for a redhead, especially when that redhead has 2 of the greatest all natural toobs to grace my television set.

6. Saffron Burrows


Age: 36

Measurements: 30-23-33

Where you’ve seen her: She stared in The Banks Job last year opposite Jason Statham and can be seen currently on Boston Legal.

Why she’s hot: You may be wondering why Saffron is number 6 when clearly there are arguably some hotter girls abover her. My answer… she’s a 6’0, slender smoking hot British model who’s BISEXUAL. Let me repeat that again. She is a tall, leggy, smoking hot Euro model who loves munchin’ rug.

5. Daneel Harris


Age: 29
Measurements: 34-24-33
Where you’ve seen her: pPays the fiery redhead Rachel Gatina on One Tree Hill as well as most recently staring in Harold and Kumar 2
Why she’s hot: Awesome body from years of gymnastics, a killer rack and a fire crotch all wrapped into one. Tight package….affirmative!

4. Olivia Wilde


Age: 26

Measurements: 34-23-33
Where you’ve seen here: Played the smoking hot bartender/lesbian on season 2 of the O.C. Most recently you can see her glorious hottness every week on House.
Why she’s hot: Whether its black, brown or blond hair she looks unreal. And its a damn shame The Black Donnellys was canceled.

3. Katrina Bowden

katrina-bowden-20071003030145761-0001Age: 20
Measurements: 34-22-33
Where you’ve seen her: She plays the scantily clad intern Cerie from the NBC sitcom 30 Rock.
Why she’s hot: Surfer girl/sexy girl next door looks and she has yet to put up a fuss with the ongoing gag the 30 Rock producers have of trying to put her in as little clothing as possible each episode.

2. Emmanuelle Chriqui


Age: 31

Measurements: 34-24-35

Where you’ve seen her:
She plays E’s hot ass gf on HBO’s Entourage

Why she’s hot: Unreal body, amazing all natural rack, bilinguial in French and English and she’s Canadian. Boom goes the dynomite!

1. Melissa Theuriau



Age: 30

Measurements: 34-23-34
Where you’ve seen her: Since 2006, she has been a writer in chief and anchor of the French Magazine Zone interdite (“Forbidde Zone”) on Metropole 6 – a TV network in France.
Why she’s hot:
Quick role call:
2006 Daily Express voted her world’s most beautiful news reporter
Voted TV’s sexiest news achor by readers of US edition of Maxim
2007 was voted most beautiful woman in the world in the French edition of FHM

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Close calls that almost made the list:

Ali Larter – my distain and biased hatred of her character on Heroes was probably why she wasn’t on it. That and her teeth are huge.

Laura Vandervoort – Hot Canadian chick who plays Supermans cousin on Smallville.

Sophia Bush – One Tree Hill

Chyler Leigh – Uber cute doc. on Greys

Julianne Hough – Dancing with the starts tight body.

Kristen Bell – Heroes. Tight bod, wonky eyes though. It was the lazy eye that did her in in the end.

Tricia Helfer – Battelstar Galactica


6 responses to “Top eleven – Hottest women on television

  • forevertwelve

    giada’s #1 on my list… followed closely by t-fey.. nother great list..

  • criterial practice

    tina and christina? hahaha, good joke!


    I can see Tina not being everyone’s cup of tea. But if you don’t think Christina is hot you must be a big fan of dick in up and around your mouth. Smoking hot curvy red head. And there was something else I loved about her….can’t remember what it was….

    oh, right, her BOOBS.
    Best rack ever! Fact.

  • Neko

    Fan of Emmanuelle Chriqui 🙂

    Anyways nice list!

  • Charlie

    Nice listing, So many to pick from it’s hard to narrow a list like that to a top 10. However, I’ve always found Sarah Shahi to be one of the hottest/sexiest women on TV. Check out her role in Fairly Legal. Sweet, funny, sexy, allwrapped tightly in a smokin’ body!!!!

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