Top eleven – Best comedians performing today-


Frank is the master of impersonations. He is most known for his perfect John Madden impression. Frank has been doing stand up for a long time and has been on Mad TV for the last couple of seasons. He also appears on Fox NFL every weekend and loves to impersonate Jim Roam.

10. Zack Galifianakis

The first time I heard Galifinakis I wasn’t crazy about him. Kind of like, meh, he’s okay. But the more I see him the more he grows one me.

9. Louis CK

Dane Cook’s favorite comedian to steal material from, Louis brings the middle aged family man humor with a raunchy cynical outlook on life better than anyone. A comedian who has slipped under my radar for far too long.


I didn’t really get hooked on Dylan Moran until recently, but he is one funny fucking Irishmen. He sounds and looks like he’s hammered off his ass 99.9% of the time – and chances are he is, but he has great delivery, awesome material and could easily be higher up on this list.


Few comedians can work a crowd like Attell. His delivery and smart but dark humor is some of the best insight in the business.


Ron White is a drinking, smoking, 6’2, 230lb Texan with some of the funniest material in comedy. He’s part of the Blue colon comedy tour or whatever those other 3 hicks call themselves, and the only one I like and respect. One of the best story telling comedians of all time.


Giraldo is BY FAR one of the most underrated comics out there today. His insight is fucking hilarious and his material can easily be used as your weekly abs workout. The video has been taken off but his bit on why Bitches are better than regular women is one of the funniest bits I’ve herd in recent years.


Russell has burst on the the comedy scene in resent years and for good reason. No one rips on Asians, Indians and Filipinos better than him. His Chinese accent is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever herd – and being of Indian descent he holds no bars when making fun of his own people.


Gervais was the original creator of the show The Office. You know the one everyone in North America raves about and always tells you to watch because it’s so funny and Steve Corell is so funny. Yeah well they are just copying Gervais’ U.K. version. Anyway, he’s brilliant, covers topics and areas that you wouldn’t normally find humor in and if you don’t like British humor you prob won’t like him but I think he deserves to be high up on this list. The clip above is from his show “Animals”. He also has 2 equially if not funnier stand up show called: “Politics” and “Fame”.


Demetri is one of the smartest and clever comics alive today. His ingenious and witty one liners have become cult phenoms and the cornerstone of my generations vernacular. And if you even think of saying “Mitch Hedberg is better” your retarded. I’ll give credit where credit is due and yes, Hedberg was a great comedian but Martin is hands down funnier and clever with his material. Plus he plays the piano and the guitar. And can draw with both hands, and makes anagrams out of everything he see’s.
To see how fucking wicked clever and smart this kid is watch this video:


He’s old. Jewish. And angry. The perfect recipy for a comedic genious. Lewis is by far the most angry, pissed off comic still performing today. His material is mainly focused on politics and world issues but Lewis rivals Eddie Murphy for most F-Bombs dropped in one sitting. Smart, insightful and just fucking angry Lewis Black get’s my vote for the best comedian of today.

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