Top Eleven – best dance music videos

11. Ciara – Get up 10. MC Hammer He may have lost over 20 Million in under a year, been a one hit wonder and wore those redonkuless parachuet pants, but you can’t deny this video has some sweet ass 80’s dance moves. 9. Sean Paul – Get busy Can’t deny the fact that Caribbean peeps have flava’ and know how to move. This video is also pretty sweet cuz that little kid comes down in his Spiderman PJ’s and start cutting a rug. I dig it. 8. Michael Jackson – Thriller You might be wondering why one of the most expensive and elaborate dance videos is all the way at number 8. Well, that’s what happens when you make a fucking video 14 min long with only 2.5 min of really good dance moves. Oh, and you molest children and act like a total psycho path 24/7. “Stop it, your being ignorant.” 7. Justin Timberlake – My Love When it comes to the best JT dance video, many may argue that Rock your Body is the best. But that video gives me fucking epileptic seizures from all the crazy lights. So I chose this one because I don’t have to watch it with something in my mouth to prevent me from swallowing my tongue. 6. Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal Did I already make a comment about Michael molesting children and being a crack-pot? Ok, just checking, I’d hate to repeat myself. 5. Jamiroquai – Virtual insanity Brilliant video by a brilliant and awesome artist. 4. OK Go – Here it goes again Jacko spent millions on Thriller and created one of the most elaborately choreographed videos ever. These guys took a handy cam, 6 tread mills, and some kick ass creativity, and got over 40 million views on youtube. Suck it Jackson. I mean, “A-HEEEEEEE-HEEEEEE, CHUM-ONNN” 3. Fatboy Slim – Weapon of choice The golden recipe for success. Take anything, do something and make damn sure Christopher Walkin is somehow involved. If you didn’t know already, Walkin was trained in dance before becoming an actor and helped create the choreography for this video. 2. Usher – My way In this video Usher and his technicolour ghetto dream coat bust out some pretty bad ass dance sequences in a battle against Tyson Beckford. Or Tay Diggs. Or was it Tyrese. I don’t know? Which ever one was in that crappy car movie sequal. 1. Run DMC VS Jason Nevins – It’s like that Best song. Best dance video. End of story. Nothing else compares. Stumble it!


2 responses to “Top Eleven – best dance music videos

  • Laura

    Madonna’s Vogue?

    • OUIMER

      Yeah what about it? With the exception of Madonna wearing a see through shirt and showing her breast there is hardly anything spectacular about it. There are, maybe, 3 dance scenes and the remainder of the video is composed of people making boxes in front of their face with their hands. OHHH SHIT SON, LOOK OUT!

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